Ben van den Dungen


Ben van den Dungen, a prominent Dutch jazz saxophonist, graduated with honors from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 1988. His passion for jazz took him to international destinations, including New York, Cuba, and India, where he broadened his musical horizons. He has performed in over 5,500 concerts in 70 countries and has been a part of influential groups such as Nueva Manteca and Tango Extremo. In addition to his performing career, he is a dedicated music teacher and composer, with over 80 compositions to his name. Ben van den Dungen has had a lasting impact on the Dutch and international music scene as a musician, teacher, and composer.


Throughout his career, Ben has collaborated with various ensembles and musical projects, releasing an impressive array of albums.

Additionally, Ben van den Dungen has contributed to albums by other artists and ensembles, and his ability to embrace and blend different musical styles has enriched his discography, creating a rich and diverse collection. These recordings attest to his versatility and his enduring impact on the world of jazz and related genres.