The Legacy Of The Blues

Ben van den Dungen presents his new music program ‘The Legacy Of The Blues.’ The music and blues from cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, New York, and Nashville blended with jazz from his own hand.

Jazz and the Blues. Identical twins. One cannot exist without the other. The blues tells the story of life. Jazz adds color to it. The blues is the narrative, and jazz makes it swing. The small sorrows of humanity with the certainty that tomorrow will be better. That’s what makes this combination so universal and infectious. Jazz and the blues. A smile and a tear!


“Jazz must be ‘danceable,’ and the blues must be in it,” drummer Art Blakey once said. This motto perfectly describes the music that Ben plays with his group.

The Dutch press wrote the following about Ben: “His playing has an inspiration that you unfortunately encounter too little in contemporary jazz.” Ben toured with programs like ‘Blue Note’ in Dutch theaters. For years, he has regularly toured with his group internationally, including in South America, Russia, Indonesia, Korea, and Poland. A new album titled ‘LIVE’ was recently released.

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet is a unique combination of personalities that only jazz can bring together. The musicians blend their musical backgrounds and talents in an infectious way. Completely contemporary, with a ‘happy feel,’ and 100% pure jazz.

  • Ben van den Dungen – Saxophones
  • Miguel Rodriguez – Piano
  • Marius Beets – Bass
  • Gijs Dijkhuizen – Drums