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Ben van den Dungen is active in ensembles and bands with a wide diversity of musical approaches, genres, and styles. This variety of bands showcases Ben’s versatility and his ability to seamlessly navigate different musical genres and contexts. Each of these formations has or had a unique concept, collectively offering a broad range of styles within jazz and related genres.


Ben van den Dungen is a versatile musician active in different ensembles and bands. This variety of bands showcases Ben’s versatility and his ability to shine in various musical contexts. Each of these formations provides a unique listening experience and a profound understanding of the rich world of jazz and related genres.

Slide 1 | Ben van den Dungen Quartet

Ben van den Dungen Quartet

A modern jazz quartet

Slide 2 | Nueva Manteca

Nueva Manteca

Latin jazz with international allure

Slide 3 | Musica Extrema

Musica Extrema

Unique, artistic world music ensemble

Slide 4 | Tango Extremo

Tango Extremo

Versatile tango ensemble with special cross-over projects

Slide 6 | Round Midnight Orchestra

Round Midnight Orchestra

Jazz from the glory days of Broadway

Slide 7 | Masha Bijlsma Sextet

Masha Bijlsma Sextet

Jazz singer Masha Bijlsma ft. Ilja Reijngoud & Ben van den Dungen

Slide 8 | The Society

The Society

Nostalgic jazz with a modern sense of urgency

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Ben is a creative force behind various projects. Whether as a bandleader, producer, or creative director, Ben brings his passion for music and his unmatched craftsmanship to every project. His artistic vision and musical expertise have resulted in remarkable musical performances and groundbreaking projects that never fail to captivate the audience.

Slide 1 | Tribute to John Coltrane

Tribute To John Coltrane

Tribute to a Jazz Legend

Slide 2 | Obsession Blues

Obsession Blues

About the legacy of the blues

Slide 3 | Spinoza Orchestra

Spinoza Orchestra

Present-day project with spoken word & philosophy

Slide 4 | De Mattheus Passie

The St. Matthew Passion

A retelling of Bach’s masterpiece

Slide 5 | Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde

Famous songs from different directions.

Slide 6 | Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride

A Warm Christmas show

Slide 7 | New Composers Pool

The New Composers Pool

Young Musicians Form a Unique Ensemble

Slide 8 | Goldstein & Silver

Goldstein & Silver

Horace Silver’s Legacy Revived

Slide 9 | The Legacy Of The Blues

The Legacy Of The Blues

Jazz and the Blues. Identical twins…

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