Ben van den Dungen Quartet

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet is an extraordinary fusion of individual personalities that find their harmonious unity only in the world of jazz. Led by the inspiring sounds of Ben van den Dungen on saxophone, this quartet presents a captivating musical adventure where different musical backgrounds and talents come together in an infectious symphony.

With a fresh, contemporary approach, the Ben van den Dungen Quartet brings a unique and irresistible “happy feel” to the jazz stage. Their music is infused with the essence of jazz, seamlessly combining tradition and innovation, resulting in a sound that is 100% pure jazz.

Line Up

Ben van den Dungen – Saxophone: Ben van den Dungen is the visionary bandleader and a masterful saxophonist who, with his virtuosic playing and profound musical insight, forms the backbone of the quartet. His expressive saxophone sounds take listeners on a journey through emotions and stories.

Miguel Rodriguez – Piano: Miguel Rodriguez adds a refined piano sound to the group. His nimble and inventive playing creates the perfect harmonic backdrop for the quartet’s creative improvisations.

Marius Beets – Double Bass: Marius Beets, the adept double bassist, brings depth and rhythm to the quartet’s music. His groovy bass lines provide the foundation for the rest of the group to build upon and experiment with.

Gijs Dijkhuizen – Drums: Gijs Dijkhuizen, the dynamic drummer of the quartet, is responsible for the pulsating rhythms and lively drive that propel the music forward. His rhythmic diversity adds an extra layer of vivacity to the overall sound.

Together, these four musicians make up the Ben van den Dungen Quartet, which consistently captivates audiences with their irresistible blend of styles, technical craftsmanship, and passionate performances. They bring the jazz tradition into the modern era and invite listeners to experience the joy and adventure of their music.

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet is not only a tribute to the jazz heritage but also a promising glimpse into the future of this beloved genre. Their music is a celebration of freedom, expression, and the timeless magic of jazz, which continues to inspire and unite people of all ages and backgrounds.