Café Du Monde

Every place on Earth has its own life song, a musical rendition of human experiences. No matter where you are in the world, life is sung. Songs about love, jealousy, happiness, and despair form a universal language. It’s a laugh, a tear, a soundtrack of the human heart and soul. And all of this comes together at Café Du Monde.

This immersive music program, presented by the talented Paul van Kessel, takes you on a journey through the rich landscape of the chanson. Paul van Kessel, with his unique humor and quirkiness, treats the audience to the gems that the chanson has produced over the years.

Especially for this program, Paul van Kessel has joined forces with the versatile ensemble Música Extrema. Together, they have unearthed the treasures of different cultures. Chansons, coplas, schlagers, standards, fados, and tearjerkers from the Netherlands, Italy, France, Romania, and many other countries are brought to life. The result is an enchanting and versatile performance that gives you goosebumps and evokes nostalgic feelings.

Café Du Monde is not just a concert; it’s a musical journey around the world full of emotions and recognition. It brings us together through the timeless power of the chanson and shows how music connects us, regardless of our background or nationality. Enjoy this fantastic and heartwarming experience where the melodies of the world come together and put a smile on your face as you reminisce and discover new love for music.