Goldstein & Silver

Harry Goldstein strolls through the legendary Swing Street. As a lawyer for seemingly legal matters, he has served the business world for years. But nothing can captivate him as much as the mesmerizing sounds of jazz music. Jazz is not just a passion for Harry; it’s the most immersive side affair in his life.

The night before, he attended a performance by the brilliant pianist Horace Silver, the latest sensation in town, with his trio, featuring none other than Art Blakey on the drums. As Harry continues his walk, he lets his thoughts roam freely…

Jazz music, a perfect balance between intellect and emotion, with the latter taking the lead. It’s steeped in the melancholy and joy of the blues. Energy flows unrestrained, without borders. The bass lines are masterpieces in themselves, funky, inviting, and the essence of pure jazz. This is music that comes straight from the heart, just as jazz is meant to be.

“Goldstein & Silver” is a surprising tribute to the legendary jazz pianist Horace Silver. This band, composed of young talents and established names, offers a contemporary perspective on the music that once defined the heyday of jazz.

This afternoon, Harry Goldstein faces a challenging task: persuading a judge in a complex case involving his client’s intentions. But honestly, Harry doesn’t seem to lose much sleep over it. One thing, however, is certain: tonight, he will be front and center at Silver’s concert!

This talented lineup, featuring Thijs Nissen on alto saxophone, Ben van den Dungen on tenor saxophone, Rob van Bavel on piano, Steven Willem Zwanink on double bass, and Mitchell Damen on drums, promises an evening of unforgettable jazz sounds and a tribute to a legendary musician. An evening where passion for jazz takes the spotlight, and where Harry Goldstein is in his element.