Masha Bijlsma Sextet

The Masha Bijlsma Sextet takes you on a musical journey where the beautiful voice of Masha Bijlsma takes the lead. This talented singer is accompanied by an impressive lineup of first-class musicians, including top brass players Ilja Reijngoud on trombone and Ben van den Dungen on saxophone. The tight rhythm section with Hans Kwakkernaat on piano, Ruud Ouwehand on double bass, and Dries Bijlsma on drums also doesn’t hold back, and they improvise freely and passionately.

Masha Bijlsma’s voice, with an extensive range and a touch of rawness, has an American sound and is often used as a third solo instrument alongside Ilja Reijngoud and Ben van den Dungen. The sextet performs both original compositions and beautiful arrangements of songs by jazz greats like Abbey Lincoln, Charles Mingus, Jasper van ’t Hof, and Tony Lakatos, with whom Bijlsma has recorded multiple albums.

Masha Bijlsma is a globally recognized jazz vocalist whose talent may be underrated in the Netherlands. Her powerful, full voice with a wide range and a touch of rawness is both impressive and captivating. She has an American sound, which sets her apart from many other jazz vocalists. Ruud Meijer in HP-de Tijd wrote about her tribute to the late American singer Abbey Lincoln in 2010: ‘Bijlsma sings just as “black” as she is white and blond. And that with timing and text interpretation to be jealous of.’

Recently, she released the album ‘Interaction’ (2022), a tribute to two recently deceased band members: double bassist Henk de Ligt and pianist Rob van de Broeck. This impressive album, with a diverse repertoire, has received rave reviews. Cyriel Pluimakers in Jazzism wrote: ‘With ‘Interaction,’ Bijlsma delivers a fantastic album that deserves international attention.’ Rinus van der Heijden in JazzNu noted: ‘Masha Bijlsma once again presents herself as a storyteller who, with her convincing vocal sound, explores all facets of human emotions. (…) Top class!’

The Masha Bijlsma Sextet is a musical adventure that takes the listener on a journey full of emotion, passion, and virtuosity. With their impressive performances and distinctive sound, this group continues to explore and push the boundaries of jazz, time and time again.

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