Musica Extrema

Since its founding in 2003, Musica Extrema has undergone remarkable development, establishing itself as a versatile ensemble. This orchestra has proudly shared its unique sound and artistic vision both nationally and internationally, captivating audiences on their musical journey.

Musica Extrema was founded by violinist Tanya Schaap, who has served as the artistic driving force since its inception. Musica Extrema distinguishes itself not only through its virtuoso musicians but also through its unconventional lineup, which has revealed a wealth of musical possibilities over the years. This has resulted in an unmistakably unique sound that enchants audiences time and time again.

The repertoire of Musica Extrema is as diverse as the ensemble itself, and their versatility has taken them far beyond the Dutch borders. They have successfully performed on both large and intimate stages, and audiences abroad have repeatedly had the pleasure of experiencing the ensemble’s versatility.

Musica Extrema has garnered praise with remarkable performances, including impressive renditions of classics such as the Mattheus Passie and Missa. Additionally, they have mesmerized the world of dance with dynamic shows like Tango Mania, Tin Pan Alley, and Partita. These performances masterfully combine live music with the art of dance, forming an exciting fusion of genres.


Tanya Schaap – Violin
Ben van den Dungen – Saxophones
Vincent Koning – Electric Guitar
Miguel Rodriguez – Piano
Steve Zwanink – Double Bass
Paul van Kessel – Special Guest & Vocals