Obsession Blues

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet has embarked on a captivating and distinctive musical journey with “Obsession Blues.” This exceptional album, recorded during a concert at Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans, France, is imbued with the deep emotions and expression of the blues. What makes this album truly special is the fact that all the tracks are original compositions by the quartet, showcasing their creative originality and dedication to the project.

Ben van den Dungen shares his personal perspective on the album: “This is the fifth album of my quartet, capturing a moment in time when I wanted to delve deeper into the blues in general. The concert that led to this album was a remarkable experience. I had previously collaborated with the French painter Charles Belle, whose artworks are both imposing and explosive but exude a certain intimacy. The concert took place in an old factory in a salt mine, an inspiring location in itself. Charles Belle painted live during the concert, which meant we had to play continuously for over three hours. During this musical marathon, you naturally enter a trance. Before I knew it, the three hours had passed. From the entire concert, we carefully selected pieces to include on the CD, and that’s how ‘Obsession Blues’ came to be.”

This album is much more than just a musical recording; it is a vivid and impressive reminder of a unique encounter between painting and jazz. The Ben van den Dungen Quartet invites the listener to partake in this intriguing musical journey and savor the profound emotions and creativity that “Obsession Blues” has to offer. It is an album that celebrates the blues in all its glory and spotlights the powerful connection between painting and jazz.