Round Midnight Orchestra

The Round Midnight Orchestra is an international jazz festival headliner with roots in the Netherlands. This vibrant orchestra consists of seven professional instrumentalists and a gifted vocalist. For this exhilarating jazz ensemble, no stage is too large, and no audience is too numerous. The Round Midnight Orchestra takes you on a journey through the dazzling world of jazz in the glory days of Broadway, New York.

This assembly of excellent musicians, selected from the top of the Dutch jazz scene, transports you back to the heyday of jazz, an era filled with exciting music and compelling stories of love, desire, joy, and despair. With their impressive theater performances, they let you enjoy spicy jazz classics, introduce you to the historical jazz legends who brought this music to life, and make you realize how vibrant and relevant this music still is in our time.

The Round Midnight Orchestra has no fixed location. They perform all over the world, from intimate jazz clubs to large-scale festivals. In 2018, their tours included South Africa, Thailand, and South America, where they captivated the audience with their passionate and swinging performances.

With the Round Midnight Orchestra, you not only get a dose of exhilarating jazz but also an unforgettable experience that takes you to the jazz hotspots of yesteryear. The music comes to life, the stories are told, and the audience is swept into a world of timeless musical beauty. The Round Midnight Orchestra embodies the spirit of jazz and continues to be a source of inspiration for enthusiasts worldwide.