Tango Extremo

Since its inception in 2003, Tango Extremo has become a phenomenon that has shaken up the music world. This remarkable orchestra has not only conquered Dutch stages, both large and small, but has also gained international renown. Founded by the passionate violinist Tanya Schaap, the ensemble is an artistic powerhouse that pushes musical boundaries and creates unique sounds.

With a lineup far from conventional, Tango Extremo has discovered that unusual paths often lead to extraordinary musical possibilities. This has resulted in a sound that makes the band truly unique. In addition to exploring the world of tango nuevo, the group has specialized in the music from the Argentine Río de la Plata region and various crossovers from the tango nuevo idiom in recent years.

Tango Extremo has secured an unshakable position in the Dutch music scene, captivating audiences in a variety of venues, from jazz festivals to classical concert halls to tango salons. Their repertoire is as diverse as their lineup, blending influences from classical music, jazz, and Brazilian sounds seamlessly with the magical tones of tango nuevo.

The ensemble has collaborated with a range of contemporary composers and arrangers, including Martin Fondse, Ilja Reijngoud, Onno Krijn, Renard Aust, and many more. These collaborations have led to an ever-evolving sound that continues to amaze.

Tango Extremo is not confined to Dutch borders; the ensemble has built an international career with performances in countries such as Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and more. They have even performed at the prestigious ‘Buenos Aires Tango Festival’ in Argentina, an impressive achievement for a non-Argentinian orchestra.

Tango Extremo is more than a musical ensemble; it is an adventurous journey through the world of music, where passion and virtuosity come together to create an unforgettable musical experience.