The New Composers Pool

The New Composers Pool project is a unique gathering of young composers and musicians from various musical genres, ranging from jazz and pop to classical and world music. This exceptional ensemble consists of nine talented artists who have come together to interpret ‘the Day’ through custom-written compositions. This musical masterpiece is created through the creative efforts of the ensemble members, each making their unique contributions to this large-scale ‘gestalt’ composition project.

The New Composers, in random order, bring a wide range of musical skills and influences to this ensemble:

Thijmen Molema (drums) – An experienced musician in the Rotterdam pop scene and at jazz festivals like North Sea Jazz.

Freek Mulder (bass) – A highly sought-after bassist and producer who released his debut EP “Fledge” in 2022 under the pseudonym kotokid.

Danny Rombout (percussion) – A Dutch-Indian percussionist, drummer, and producer with an impressive career.

Anton de Bruin (keys) – A session musician and founder of Cloud Orchestra with a recent residency at the Rotterdam jazz club Bird.

Ella Zirina (guitar) – A Latvian musician making waves in the Dutch jazz scene through collaborations with renowned artists.

Simone van der Weerden (bandoneon) – A leading bandoneonist in both the tango world and beyond.

Maarten Combrink (trombone) – A recent winner of the Carl Fontana trombone competition and a highly sought-after musician in prestigious orchestras.

Daan Kluwer (saxophone) – An emerging talent in the jazz scene with a versatile portfolio.

Marit van der Lei (vocals) – An active singer with impressive performances in various ensembles and projects.

This project, made possible in part by VCTN and NTB/Kunstenbond, embodies the diverse talents and influences of the New Composers. Together, they forge a harmonious and intriguing musical journey that uniquely reflects ‘the Day.’ A truly remarkable and inspiring convergence of young minds in music, promising to provide a memorable listening experience for the audience. This ensemble celebrates the power of collaboration and musical diversity, offering a fresh perspective on what’s possible when talent and passion come together.