The Society

The Society of Associated Musicians and Raconteurs, also known as ‘The Society,’ is a captivating band founded by Ben van den Dungen. This ensemble transports the listener to the atmospheric 1930s, a time when jazz was the soundtrack of life.

The 1930s marked the heyday of jazz, giving rise to legendary bands such as Duke Ellington’s orchestra and Fletcher Henderson’s. This period produced a wealth of unforgettable music, with distinctive tenor saxophonists like Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Lester Young, and Paul Gonzalves captivating audiences.

The Society is a response to the abstraction within modern jazz. With a strong dose of nostalgia and a deep-rooted respect for jazz’s past, they bring the music of the 1930s into the urgency of today. This ensemble takes the listener on a journey through time, reviving the magic and intensity of jazz from that era.

With The Society, the listener is immersed in a musical experience that embraces both the spirit of the 1930s and the contemporary zeitgeist. The band bridges the gap between the present and the past, offering a unique and immersive experience for fans of both vintage jazz and contemporary musical urgency.

The Society, led by Ben van den Dungen, is not just a band; it is a musical journey through time where the past and the present harmoniously converge. This band pays tribute to jazz greats and lets the timeless beauty of this music shine once more, with a fresh and contemporary twist.