Tribute To John Coltrane

Step into a sonic journey to the soul of jazz. The Ben van den Dungen Quartet takes you on an enchanting musical odyssey, paying tribute to the unforgettable saxophonist, John Coltrane, one of the greatest icons in the history of the saxophone and jazz.

John Coltrane, whose music changed the world and pushed boundaries, became particularly famous during his collaboration with the legendary Miles Davis. His solo efforts were like artistic explosions, with albums like “Blue Trane” and “Giant Steps” filling the world with wonder and admiration. These records immediately became classics, and their influence continues to stand the test of time.

In the tumultuous 1960s, Coltrane decided to forge a new path by forming a new quartet, dramatically changing jazz music. This was the era when modal jazz was born, and legendary albums like “Impressions” and “A Love Supreme” emerged. Coltrane’s music was no longer confined to conventional chord progressions; it became a liberation of notes, an expression of the soul.

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet honors this musical legacy with a captivating tribute. They bring a contemporary interpretation of a repertoire rightfully considered as ‘classic.’ Ben van den Dungen, a virtuoso on the saxophone, masterfully leads this ensemble, capturing the spirit of Coltrane with a passion palpable in every note.

This homage is more than just a musical journey back in time. It is a reexperience of the era when jazz reinvented itself, a time when Coltrane set the standard for what was possible in music. It is a celebration of Coltrane’s enduring influence and an acknowledgment of the timeless nature of his vision.

Step into the world of Ben van den Dungen’s Tribute to John Coltrane and let yourself be carried away on an enchanting journey through the sounds and emotions of a timeless legend. It is a tribute that revives the spirit of Coltrane and keeps his musical legacy alive, an experience not to be missed.