Release New York Round Midnight

The cd of New York Round Midnight has been released!
This album is recorded in the beginning of this year and contains all the hits of the theatre program New York Round Midnight. New York Round Midnight is a mesmerizing music show and one of the biggest jazzshows in The Netherlands. You will experience the golden years of jazzmusic in the fifties and sixties. Besides that it will let you feel how lively the jazz music still is.

New Release Nueva Manteca!

The new CD of Nueva Manteca has been released!
Crime is the new CD of Nueva Manteca. Famous gangster-film music has been transformed into Afro-Cuban Jazz. On this CD you’ll find yourself a whole arsenal of famous pieces of music featured in older, famous gangster movies.




Better get it in your soul

The new promo of New York Round Midnight is out
The new promo from New York Round Midnight is named ‘Better get it in your soul ” and is made during the last tour. The jazz show is a big succes and they will touring with an extensive playlist throug the Dutch theaters till the end of 2016. ( see agenda) New York Round Midnight is the largest jazz show in The Netherlands of the moment.

New release Miles!

The new album of MILES! is out.

The CD MILES! contains all the hits of the theatre program about the turbelent life of the legendary Miles Davis. The CD is live recorded during a concert at The Philharmonie in Haalem.


You can download the album from Itunes.


New release Tango Extremo!

The new album of Tango Extremo is out now!

We are happy to announce our new album Havana! It was a great experience to record all these songs and we hope you all like it as much as we do.


Havana is available on the following sites: &

The new season


What can you expect from us?
We are still in the middle of summer, but behind the scenes we are already incredibly busy with all the preparations for the new seaon. Ansd we have got a lot of great things coming up!

Tango Extremo
is giong to play big reprises. The first one is of the theatreshow ‘Havana’ and the second one is of the performance ‘De Mattheus Passie’. For this last performance we this year have a new evangelist. Our regular colleague Jan Rot, who was taking care of this role in previous years, couldn’t make himself free for this season, due to another production. He will be replaced by the legendary actor Peter Faber. We are very happy to welcome him into the family! Besides these shows Tango Extremo has some special musical cooperations coming up and we are really looking forward to them! They will be special guests of the fantastic Matangi Quartet on the 29th of October in the ‘Music Pool’ series in theatre The Regentes in The Hague. An absolute must see!


Legendsofmusic presents two performances this year! First of all Miles! will have its reprise during the first half of the season. In the second half of the year this new productionteam (Legendsofmusic) will have their show Louis! back in the theatres! This show is obviously focused on the life and works of Louis Armstrong. You will get to know him through the eyes of the women that surrounded him. The traditional music of New Orleans in an up to date version presented with special guest, singer and actress Joy Wielkens.


New York Round Midnight has had an incredible success last year with the show ‘A night at the club’ and will therefore present another 40 shows in this coming season. Grab your tickets on time for this performance!


The tours
The ensembles are having a lot of tours coming up! They will play in all corners of the world. Next month Tango Extremo will be going on a big tour in China (September/October) and in February they will be traveling with the Trans Siberia Express and play an incredible tour in cities in Siberia. A highlight for the group! The Ben van den Dungen Quartet is invited to do a comprehensive tour in South-Africa and furthermore there will be the third edition of the Bali Jazz Summerschool. The tours to Siberia, South-Africa and Bali are still being planned, but all other dates can already be found in the agenda.


Nieuwe releases
And last but not least several albums of the groups will be released. komen er dit seizoen veel nieuwe cd’s uit van de ensembles. New York Round Midnight will present ‘A night at the club’. In the fall Nueva Manteca’s ‘Crime’ will see daylight and furthermore the theatreshow Miles! by production house Legendsofmusic will be released on cd as well. In September Tango Extremo will release ‘Havana’. A cd full of all highlights of the theatreshow. The cd is extra special because the group invited some guest musicians for the recordings to give the cd an unforgettable sound. In January Tango Extremo releases a double cd with lve recordings of ‘De Mattheus Passie’ uit. e complete performance on a double cd!