Missa, the new album of Musica Extrema!

Missa, a brand new album with songs from the like-named, successful production of Musica Extrema. Missa is a mass in 11 parts about the arise of Holland. The music is a combination of classical music, jazz and world music. The Dutch lyrics are written by no one less than Jan Rot. The music is composed by Ben van den Dungen and Wim Warman.

Missa tells the story of the fight against the water of the Dutch people, the origin of the cities in Holland with its much spoken tombs, Jacoba van Beiren, the Hoekse & Kabeljauwse twisten and the terrible natural disaster the Sint-Elisabeth Flood.

All songs from this production are collected on this album. The orchestra Musica Extrema (Tanya Schaap, Ben van den Dungen, Gert Wantenaar, Sebastiaan van Bavel, Vasillis Stefanopoulos) and three vocalists (Claudia Patacca, Erik Slik, Jan Willem Baljet) take you back in history. Back to our story, the story of the arise of Holland.

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A Tribute to John Coltrane

The Ben van den Dungen Quartet brings a tribute to the legendary saxophonist John Coltrane and his music. Coltrane was one of the most influential saxophonists of all time. He gained notoriety during his stint with Miles Davis and his solo projects, hit like a bomb. The album’s “Blue Trane” and ” Giant Steps,’ were surprised both friend and foe, and was designed from the outset to the classics!

In the early sixties Coltrane formed ‘Trane’s quartet, and that changed the wole jazzindustry. An immediate change in the jazz scene of the sixties was the result of it. Modal jazz was born, famous for albums such as ‘Impressions,’ and ‘A Love Supreme’. The Ben van den Dungen Quartet, brings in this swirling ode to a modern-day interpretation of a law as the ‘classics’.

It is gonna be a great tour! The Ben van den Dungen Quartet will be playing ad more than 50 stages through the Netherlands. Dates and locations will soon be announced, so keep an eye on our website!

January 24; Première Café du Monde!

In less than two weeks, the time has come; The premiere of Café du Monde on Thursday January 24 in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Vlaardingen. A tour that can be seen in more than 30 theaters. 

Café du Monde is a musical production in which the most popular songs of life from over the whole world are performed. Tracks from The Netherlands, Italy, France, but also South-America. The song of life, chanson, schlager, copla, blues, fado, and smartlap in a fantastic musical production. Come and listen to the lyrical poets in Café du Monde!  ​

On January 24, the big premiere in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Vlaardingen.
​For tickets and more information go to:  
Premier Café du Monde, Stadsgehoorzaal vlaardingen

In the church

MISSA, a new musical performance in 11 parts about the origins of Holland.
You can still see some performances of Missa in Ijmuiden, Gouda, Lisse, Franeker and Castricum.

Watch the videos below and imagine yourself to be at this beautiful performance.

Ave Maria

Agnus Dei

Café du Monde: An interview with Joke Bruijs

From 24 January is the new musical theater performance; Café du Monde in more than 30 theaters throughout the Netherlands.

Each region, country and time has their own songs of life. These songs have in common that they describe both the joyful and melancholy moments that shape everyday life. Also songs about universal themes such as love and heart break, sung with great intensity and devotion. Café du Monde is a musical production in which the most popular songs of life from over the whole world are performed.

Watch the exclusive interview with Joke Bruijs here.

Nueva Manteca is Back!

The legendary band Nueva Manteca is back! With their vital and virtuous music this band has been an essential part of the international Latin Jazz scene since 25 years. After 12 trailblazing records and countless concerts all over the world the band is now back in all its glory – with a new and breathtaking latin jazz sound. Nueva Manteca has reinvented itseld with a fresh line-up from the Netherlands, Cuba, Germany and Venezuela.

One of the most prolific ensembles of the latin jazz world. Nueva Manteca is the most representative band of Afro-Cuban Jazz in Europe“ – Walter Consuegra (chronic about Latin Jazz, March 2018)

The kick-off for the new Nueva Manteca formation was a successful tour in Colombia in 2018. The new album is expected in 2019.

Line up

Oscar Cordero – trumpet
Ben Van den Dungen – sax
Samuel Ruiz – bass
Marc Bischoff – piano
Liber Torriente – drums
Nils Fischer – percussion